About us

Smart recruiting solution to help clients achieve the desired results with the right people.

Our Story

RekrutBot was founded in 2016 with the objective to change the recruiting process with help of latest automated technology.

Over the years, we have served a range of employers, companies, and organisations to find the right employee. Our endeavour has been to solve the most critical challenges faced by HRs in this business world. We intend to deliver the result by finding the right people to strengthen the organisation.

We have developed a unified, fully digitised platform augmented by rich data, IoT, and experienced industry experts in revolutionizing the hiring process by finding the talent they need. At RekrutBot, we connect intelligence, passion, and the ethical hiring process.

Why Us?

RekrutBot recognizes that it takes hard work, finding the right people to run a successful business. We also know that it is not a one-day job but a continuous process and an everyday challenge.

Running back and forth with the process of recruiting the right candidate takes a lot. We, as a digital recruitment agency, manages this hurdle and challenge for you. We will help you to find the right candidate.

We are a bunch of passionate, talented innovators who are always eager to transform the recruitment management process.

Creativity, expertise, intelligence, and technology have defined our work in delivering the right candidate to the organizations all the time. You can measure our performance based on the plethora of clients we have worked with. We have results that you can trust.

With robust experience in the field, we have a history of predicting the trends and defining the hiring future.  Our team of leaders and experts has a common goal and always focuses on helping you as a client get the best, smart, and reliable candidates whose objective aligns with the company. We use an effective, efficient, automated measurable procedure to evaluate the candidate for your company.

We address the Indian and International Market with offices located in India, North America, and Singapore. RekrutBot hence is capable of delivering a powerful global perspective on the recruiting market with a unified solution for every organization across the globe

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We Are Always Developing For You

We have developed industry-leading digital platforms and softwares for businesses to forge ahead, irrespective of its size. With a proven track record of hiring the best and skilled candidates, we have been meeting the unique requirement of every business.

At RekrutBot, we continually develop and advance our digitized recruiting system to solve every hiring problem.

We also pride ourselves in the customer-first approach, where we develop a unique recruiting solution for you with our highly responsive team.

Enjoy the hassle-free recruiting process with us.