Application Management Services


Keep your focus on the business while we cover your application management services

RekrutBot is not your regular Application Management Services (AMS) provider. We aim to focus on innovation and business optimization while ensuring a cost-effective solution. We go beyond the time metrics, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and support to offer complete lifecycle technology services to any application.

We pride ourselves on the ability to combine program execution, strategic advisory, and both on and offshore service delivery with a customized managed solution.  

At RekrutBot, we keep innovating our strategy, building and operating with the industry specification in managing and maintaining the clients’ application platforms to achieve the desired results.

Why Us ?

Multiple apps have become the cornerstones of driving the functions of a business. The complexity of each app keeps expanding as digitization progresses, thus making it difficult for the internal IT teams to manage them continuously while focusing on the business.

With RekrutBot’s AMS, you will no longer have any backlogs; thus, no more worries about adopting the latest enterprise app and keeping them updated to improve your business. With us, you get

Our Process
Our Team

What Do We Offer?

With RekrutBot as your AMS provider, you can enjoy the following:

  • A transparent and realistic outsourcing of the application management and infrastructure services
  • Get the industry best practices and in-depth knowledge of the industry and technology
  • 24/7 support
  • A dedicated service manager
  • Transparent and clear service agreements on all levels
  • An optimal balance between shared and dedicated resources
  • On-site, local and global backups
  • Regular updates and maintenance

Enjoy RekrutBot’s ‘glocal’ approach in their AMS solutions, where we bring together global resources and local expertise.