Meet RekrutBot

Did you ever think the recruiting process can be a stress-free experience for your HR team? Or a scientific way of finding the right candidate for your company and a procedure that is scalable, without any human errors?

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Sourcing Beyond Traditional Channels

RekrutBot uses all the national and international job portals, databases, and social media sites with the appropriate keywords to identify the suitable candidates whose resume aligns with the company.


RekrutBot does psychometric profiling based on the internet footprint of the potential candidate in the said field to validate the suitability after the initial screening of the potential individual is done.


At Rekrutbot, the candidates get the opportunity to take an automated assessment and self-scheduling and rescheduling.

Offer And Joining Probability

RekrutBot provides a joining probability indicator based on emotional intelligence captured during the call. The latter is used to determine the engagement level of the candidate based on the follow-up automated calls.

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RekrutBot was created to resolve all the above issues and much more. The mechanics were to ensure the recruiting process is hassle-free, smart, and cost-effective end-to-end digitized for corporate recruiters. Also, help you to find the candidates who align with your organization’s goals.

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