Conversational Bots & Recruitment

October 3, 2022

A few years back, conversation bots were the stuff of science fiction, not anymore! The advent of Siri and Alexa, changed the perception and opened up a world of opportunities where the masses are familiar with conversational bots and most have access to them. Every individual would have had an interaction with a conversation bots, maybe in banking, travel, customer support or while purchasing everyday items.

So why do you not see conversation bots in Recruitment? The reason is that most bot applications are user invoked, ie, you call the bot or start a chat, this ensures the conversation flow is structured and pre-defined, since your intent is known before initiating the bot.

In recruitment however, most use cases require the bot to reach out to candidates and as any recruiter or hiring manager will tell you, conversations are not structured, they are not limited to objectives and intents can be far ranging and abstract.

So how do we at solve it? By using a combination of emotional learning and neural search engines to establish context to conversations, streamlining and controlling branch offs to keep the conversation structure intact.

So have we passed the #turingtest? Not yet, though we wish we did.