AI in Recruitment- A quick take

October 3, 2022

When you apply for jobs on LinkedIn via the ‘Easy Apply’ tool, you can notice that the job poster has already received a certain number of applications. These numbers often vary from 15-25 to a few hundreds! So when the recruiter receives that many CVs and resumes, it becomes overwhelming to check them all out manually. Especially because many people apply even when they don’t meet the position requirements. It is often because they believe they have enough skills and capacity or because they think they will convince the recruiter to give them a chance despite the shortcomings. In any case this increases the workload of screening the CVs for the recruiter. But thanks to the advanced digital era, recruiters now have a lot of help because of the Artificial Intelligence applications of therecruitment process. Read on to learn more, understanding this topic is important for anyone in the corporate world.

Social media along with digital media is thriving and now, from payments to legal submissions, everything is done online. So why would the recruitment process be an exception? Recruitment process was quite simple a few decades ago. Job opening posters will be pinned on relevant public boards and then the job seekers would go for the interview with their resume in hand, with some references and recommendations if available. The recruiter looked at the resume on the spot and interviewed the potential employee and made the decision right then. In case of any criminal or problematic background, such aspects only came out in the future and sometimes it never came out during the period of employment. The background check was quite insufficient due to lack of resources. But all that changed when the internet was invented and made accessible for all.

Enough of the history though, fast forward to present times; there are airtight contracts, proper background checks, employee rights, employer duties, the recruitment process is way more advanced than the old one. With the new laws and proper implementation of laws the discrimination has decreased, women are able to occupy space in the corporate world. Hiring practices are more evolved, employees are selective and good talent, demands respect. The interview process has become quite elaborate involving various online assessments and multi-level interviews.

To solve modern day challenges, technology comes to the rescue. The advancement in AI and ML and its application in recruitment is a challenge took and delivered on.

Recruitment can be broadly divided into stages such as sourcing resumes, profiling, interviewing, offer and onboard. At every stage, Rekrutbot leverages AI to sort through candidates, evaluate and select autonomously and showcase the best possible hires for the hiring managers. Leveraging data science and publicly available internet history, we are also able to analyse behavioural aspects of candidates.

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